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Established in 2016, JUNQ COUTURE is a stylistic, dynamic, luxury menswear brand formed in the heart of Manchester. Offering high quality, comfort and longevity in all our products. Using the latest in technologically advanced fabrics and techniques to create simple, on trend pieces that will last season after season.


JUNQ COUTURE is sold out worldwide in nearly 70 selected exclusive boutiques. JUNQ COUTURE is presented in high-end stores of major markets such as London, Manchester, Sweden, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Turkey, Canada, Australia, Italy, USA and Russia. In the UK JUNQ COUTURE was one of the first brands to showcase at Manchester Fashion Week as well as Manchester Fashion Festival and fashion shows in Frankfurt. JUNQ COUTURES exclusive collections meets those who like to create their own style in over 30 boutiques across its home country, UK.


The boutiques we supply are located in several different locations across the UK, in cities such as Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Bradford, Huddersfield, London, Essex, Birmingham, Belfast, Dublin and many more across the UK. These stores range from being in shopping centres to the high street.


Besides corners and boutiques, JUNQ COUTURE also has its flagship store and showroom located in Manchester as well as having showrooms in Frankfurt, Turkey and Moscow. We work with the wardrobe department of many British TV shows such as Hollyoaks and dress many musicians for photoshoots as well as music videos. JUNQ COUTURE presents its exclusive designs to the worldwide high-class customers at MODA UK, BRIGHT Berlin and CPM Moscow each season.


The collections offer a comprehensive range from 100% ethically sourced organic cottons, hand selected jacquard knits and breathable eco friendly luxury modal jerseys and individually hand woven Turkish denims. The driving force of JUNQ COUTURE is the allureness of the quality and exclusive denims that shine out in every collection.


Another characteristic which diversifies JUNQ COUTURE is its functionality and commercialism. Smart and stylized JUNQ COUTURE man who loves to discover and being discovered, customizes the items and creates his own style. Thanks to sophisticated, relaxed and luxurious touches such as distressed leather and copper trimmings in each collection that forms accessible exclusivity which allows the JUNQ COUTURE man to stand out.


We believe in social responsibility and work hand in hand with our manufacturers, retailers and most importantly our customers.